Police Support Services Specialist

Job position / title
Police Support Services Specialist
Name of business / employer
City of Bellingham
Job description / duties
Closing Date/Time: Mon. 9/16/2019 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Starting salary rate is at Step 1 ($3,821/month) for full time positions. The current full salary range for this position is $3,821/month – $4,648/month.

This recruitment process will create a Civil Service eligibility register that will be used to fill vacancies as they occur. There is currently one (1) full-time vacancy. The Civil Service Eligibility Register will remain in effect for six months. This position is represented by a union.

Nature of Work
Performs in a team environment to accomplish a variety of functions associated with the management of the Police Department Business Office, Records and Evidence divisions. Special emphasis is placed upon customer service, communication and data support to the Department’s officers, the law and justice community and the public.

Responds to requests for information either electronically; in-person; or by telephone, teletype or radio. Conducts extensive research; records, compiles and disseminates data and other relevant information within the Department, to other agencies and the public. Performs wide-ranging background checks and disclosures for various law enforcement agencies and public entities; updates and verifies the accuracy of paper and computerized files and responds to related requests for information. Processes, cares for, preserves, and disposes of evidence and property; provides fingerprint services to the public. Maintains criminal and employee fingerprint files for Department; prepares criminal cards and dispositions for state patrol and related courts. Prepares impounded drug items for lab submission and auction items for web vendor. Responsible for verification of large cash seizures. Prepares and maintains digital images, videos and tape recordings for public disclosure, law enforcement agencies, and prosecution of criminal cases. Acts as first point of contact for citizens by telephone and in person; provides customer service, referral and assistance to a diverse group of citizens including victims, offenders and the mentally ill. Responsible for prioritizing emergent and non-emergent calls and walk-in traffic. Issues applications, receipts monies for all departmental functions and processes incoming and outgoing mail.

Accurate and thorough work is required to prevent liability issues as well as potential endangerment of law enforcement officers and citizens. Any failure to perform in accordance with local, state and federal laws or integrity standards in conjunction with national security systems could subject the Specialist to possible criminal prosecution and/or significant fines for any lack of action, alleged violations or misuse of information.


1.Provides research assistance in response to communication and disclosure requests from police officers, Department staff, criminal justice agencies, attorneys, and the general public, utilizing telephones, teletype, radio, paper files, local, state and federal databases, and other computer systems.
2.Receives and processes monies related to all departmental fees, services and contracts including police reports, police certificates, background checks, concealed pistol licenses, taxi and solicitor applications, fingerprints, photographs, finders fees, taxi inspections, helicopter permits, alien firearm registrations, block watch signs, false alarms, contracted employment for officers, vehicle impound hearings and DUI restitution. Reconciles cash drawers for daily deposit.
3.Conducts criminal record background checks for police certificates, conviction background checks, firearm purchases, concealed pistol licenses, public and private employment, military branches, city licensing, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and various non-profit agencies. Prepares and completes, routes and maintains related documents. Maintains registration of all visitors, contractors and other non-law enforcement contacts that have not been background checked for access to secured areas of the police station. Conducts criminal record backgrounds and submits results for approval.
4.Organizes, scans, indexes and validates case file documents for records management system. Prepares and copies all arrest documents; determines routing to prosecution staff according to established procedures. Files related reports and documents in various systems. Distributes reports, documents and communications to appropriate division, officer, or various law enforcement agencies.
5.Performs quality control review on LONGARM case files, reports, property entries, and associate names and edits accordingly. Collects critical data for further entry into Department, state and national databases, according to established procedures.
6.Receives, sends, and distributes electronic and other teletype communications according to state and federal procedures.
7.Creates and maintains criminal arrest records of adult arrestees, including citation and arrest entry into records management system. Interprets dispositions from related courts and updates files.
8.Receives and assesses court documents; reviews incident files or receives direct information from line officers for state and national entry requirements relating to wanted persons and protection orders, missing persons, juvenile runaways, and stolen property including articles, firearms, and vehicles. Conducts extensive research for packing of database files; prepares related warrant and protection order entry worksheets for entry into records management system, state and national database. Reviews and verifies entries; performs validations for audit compliance upon monthly request of the state.
9.Receives, responds to, records messages, or refers incoming telephone calls. Determines nature and immediacy of all call inquiries; gathers pertinent information and relays accurate details to appropriate responders. Provides information on departmental policies and procedures; refers calls to staff, emergency dispatch, or other departments or agencies as appropriate; records accurate and detailed messages for staff.
10.Receives and distributes departmental mail. Opens and screens miscellaneous mail and refers to appropriate division. Immediately notifies bomb squad staff of mail containing unusual or suspicious contents.
11.Greets daily visitors to the Police Department providing problem assessment and direction, information and appropriate referral; determines nature and immediacy of emergencies and general inquiries and refers appropriately; locates and directs visitors to requested division or staff person. Refers citizens to appropriate staff for commendations and complaints. Receives temporary right of way permits, locates staff for signatures, and distributes to citizens. Receives, distributes and explains a variety of application forms for various City and state licenses; explains policies and procedures; makes referrals for various Police Department functions and services as well as other city, county and state agencies and related services.
12.Logs and maintains chain of custody on property released to labs, Department personnel or courts and prosecutor offices. Researches court files and related impounds for case status in preparation for disposal of property. Determines ownership; retrieves and releases property to citizens or agencies with appropriate signature requirements.
13.Responsible for the handling, verification, and release of large cash seizures. Creates and maintains seizure files. Disposes of seized items via proper destruction methods.
14.Fingerprints citizens for various City, state, and federal licenses.
15.Reviews and extracts booking information from jail; prepares fingerprint card data and disposition sheets for submission to state patrol, related courts and prosecutors. Maintains employee and criminal fingerprint files for Department.
16.Processes incoming evidence, property, and contraband impounded by Department. Cares for, stores, inventories, and maintains custody of items; enters and updates property records for location, storage, and disposition in the Evidence Division.
17.Prepares and processes property for return to owner, destruction, disposal through web vendor auction, or transportation.
18.Prepares impounded drug items for submission to state lab. Receives and distributes state lab examinations to appropriate division.
19.Takes digital photographs, including those of victims of domestic violence. Prepares and maintains copies of digital images, video and tape recordings for public disclosure, other law enforcement agencies, and prosecution of criminal cases.
20.Transcribes verbatim victim, witness and suspect tape recordings.
21.Provides comprehensive training for new Specialists as well as training in use of the Records Management System and other subject matter expertise as assigned.

•Minimum of three years of progressively responsible clerical experience including data entry, word processing, reception required. Experience in law and justice preferred.
•Technical training or college level education in criminal justice, paralegal, records management, or business administration may be substituted for up to two years of experience.
•Ability to type 45 wpm NET required. A recent typing score (since August 1, 2019) is required as part of your application. Please review the directions.

•Employment contingent upon passing a criminal convictions check, background investigation, polygraph examination and fingerprinting. Subject to re-check every five years.
•Must be able to obtain certification as a Level II ACCESS operator within six months of hire.
•Must be willing to sign confidentiality statements and waivers attesting to their knowledge of potential criminal arrest and prosecution issues related to any alleged misuse or lack of performance in conjunction with duties connected to national security and database administration.
•May be required to work overtime and/or rotating shifts, including weekends and holidays as assigned.
•May require a valid Washington State driver’s license and good driving record depending upon position. Must submit a three-year driving abstract prior to hire.
NOTE: The background investigation and polygraph examination includes a review of legal and illegal drug use. A history of using legal and illegal drugs, considering the nature and recentness of these offenses, may be grounds for disqualification for this position.

Application deadline / closing date
Salary / rate of pay
Days and hours of employment
Person or department to contact
Human Resources
Business address
104 W. Magnolia Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
How to apply
***All applications must be submitted electronically at //www.cob.org/employment.***

**You are encouraged to print a copy of this job announcement for your reference as the process moves along**

Please ensure your application is complete and all required information has been provided. Standard completeness means all application fields (contact information, personal information, education, work experience, references, and required supplemental questions). The information provided in your application must support your selected answers in the supplemental questionnaire. Provide as much detail as you believe will fully describe your experience and training.

Cover letters and resumes are not reviewed to determine if your application meets minimum qualifications. Supplemental Questionnaire responses not supported in your application will disqualify you from consideration for this position.

Application Review process:

1. Minimum Qualifications: Candidates must provide specific, detailed information so an initial determination can be made regarding your level of qualifications for this position. Applicant status will be updated on or around September 18, 2019.

2. Skills Test: The candidates that meet the minimum qualifications for the position will be invited to participate in the Skills Test scheduled for September 27, 2019 in Bellingham. The skills test will be 40% of a candidate’s final score.

3. The top eight (8) scoring candidates from the Skills Testing will be invited to participate in an Oral Board Interview, tentatively scheduled for the week of October 7, 2019.

Candidates will be notified via email of Final Scores & Ranks. The final ranking of the register will be based on total scores for the following: Skills Test (40%) and Oral Board Interview (60%).

The final candidates will be referred to the department for additional assessment.

The Civil Service Eligibility Register will remain in effect for 6 months, or longer as established by the Civil Service Commission at a later date.

Please Note: Candidates will receive updates regarding application status via email. Please be sure to check your email frequently.