Before & After School Site Coordinator

After School Site Coordinator

Job Details: Level
Entry: Job Location
Before and After School Child Care – Bellingham, WA
Position Type: Part Time

Provide direction for the Y’s Kids Before and After School Site and implements program curriculum. Provide a quality experience for children and parents that focus on the YMCA values: honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. Oversee and participate in the development, operation, safety and licensing standards of a Y’s Kids Before and After School Site. Must understand all YMCA policies and procedures and strive to achieve the Whatcom Family YMCA Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives as well as all Washington State Licensing guidelines.
Assist with the implementation of the pre-planned daily program developed by the Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director that meets State Licensing requirements and YMCA National Goals.
Supervises the children, classroom, and all activities.
Makes ongoing, systematic observations and evaluations of each child.
Maintains positive relationships and effective communication with parents. Engages parents as volunteers.
Safeguard all YMCA equipment and facilities as well as participants’ personal belongings.

Assist with immediate check-in and follow-up of all children scheduled to attend as well as be responsible for knowing how many children are in your care at all times.
Complete & maintain required program records as needed; turn in required paperwork on time including but not limited to sign in/out sheets, absent tracking sheets, behavior forms, etc.
Keep accurate attendance at all times and be accountable for each child at the site.
Maintain a positive relationship with school personnel and parents.
Provide information to parents and participants in a timely manner.
Let parents know of any changes to the monthly calendar and leave a note if you are on a field trip or away from your regular location
Prepare and serve family style snack as well as clean up snack area in accordance with WA State licensing guidelines and YMCA HEPA standards; record snack served on daily basis.
Ensure appropriate staff-to-child ratios are maintained.
Handle emergencies in accordance with YMCA emergency policy (in your staff handbook).
Work with Program Supervisor and Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director to attain program goals.
Be aware of WA State Licensing guidelines and follow accordingly.
Attends and participates in family nights, program activities, staff meetings, and staff training.
Complete all policies and trainings outlined in the Praesidium Child Abuse Prevention modules
Read and follow the YMCA Code of Conduct.
Read and follow the YMCA guidelines for working with children as outlined in the Discipline Policy.
Complete and approve digital time card through time keeping system in a timely manner per instructions from Program Supervisor and Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director.

Conduct a monthly fire drill with the site.
Be responsible for maintaining supplies including first aid and snack, such as drinking cups and food prep gloves.
Responsible for the supervision of Group Leaders working at site (Regular staff and subs).
Pass on information concerning All Staff Meetings, trainings and other events to all Group Leaders at your site and insure attendance of all staff.
Discuss staffing problems and concerns with Human Resources, Family Enrichment Director, Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director and/or anonymous reporting tipline.
Ensure that all staff follows the Dress Code.
Discuss children, parent and/or school concerns with Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director as soon as possible.
Be a good role model for staff and children.
All trainings must be updated annually including but not limited to Praesidium Child Abuse Prevention modules, school year orientations, etc.
Report any suspicions of possible child abuse to the Family Enrichment Director, Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director, or Program Supervisors immediately and keep proper documentation.
Complete 10 hours of STARS approved continuing education training per Calendar year.
Attend and complete State Licensing Orientation.
Respond quickly to possible problem areas and discuss with Licensed After School Enrichment & Camp Director.

Drive and operate the vans in accordance with YMCA Van Driving policies.
Pick up children at schools according to YMCA policy
Must be 21 years of age or older
Must provide a 3-5 year driving record and meet minimum requirements for driving record
Must pass a physical drive test.
Must possess a valid WA State Driver’s License or meet requirements for out of state license.
Mission Advancement: Accept and demonstrate the Ys values. Demonstrate a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs. Recruit volunteers and builds effective, supportive working relationships with them. Support fund-raising.
Collaboration: Work effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions, and perceptions. Build rapport and relates well to others. Seek first to understand the other person’s point of view, and remains calm in challenging situations. Listen for understanding and meaning; speaks and writes effectively. Take initiative to assist in developing others.
Operational Effectiveness: Make sound judgments, and transfers learning from one situation to another. Embrace new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better member experience. Establish goals, clarifies tasks, plans work and actively participates in meetings. Follow budgeting policies and procedures, and reports all financial irregularities immediately. Strive to meet or exceed goals and deliver a high-value experience for members.
Personal Growth: Pursue self-development that enhances job performance. Demonstrate an openness to change, and seeks opportunities in the change process. Accurately assesses personal feelings, strengths and limitations and how they impact relationships. Have the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well; uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology.
Have 30 college quarter credits in Education, Recreation or equivalent related to working with children.
At least 21 years of age.
At least 2 years previous experience working with elementary aged children in a developmental setting preferred.
Current CPR (Adult, Infant & Child) and First Aid, AED certifications.
Complete Praesidium Child Abuse prevention training within 30 days of hire date.
Ability to plan, organize and implement age-appropriate/developmentally appropriate program activities.
Emotional, social, and physical capability to work with children and other adults in a group setting.
Good health, enthusiasm, and above standard moral character.
Previous experience with diverse populations. Ability to develop positive, authentic relationships with people from different backgrounds.
STARS 30 Hour School Age Basic Training (Must be completed within 3 months of hire date)
Must have, or be in the process of obtaining the following:
Negative TB Test
HIV/Bloodborne Pathogen training
College Transcripts
MERIT ID account
Cleared Portable Background Check from MERIT