Garden Helper

Job position / title
Garden Helper

Name of business / employer
Harvey Schwartz

Job description / duties
I’m looking for someone to mow my yard weekly (1 1/2 hours usually) and ideally to weed whack approximately that same amount of time.

But there are always other things to do also…so don’t be intimidated by the weed whacking if you don’t have that skill. It’s worth giving me a call to discuss.

It’s a large garden and I usually have two or three student workers who have super flexible hours. (After we’re in synch I don’t even need to be here when you work…you just keep track of your time.)

Mowing and weed whacking skills a plus but not a deal breaker if you don’t have.
Good energy and the desire to work hard in a beautiful garden.
This is a fun job for the right person.

Application deadline / closing date

Salary / rate of pay

Days and hours of employment
3 – 20 hours per week depending…

Flexible schedule?
(○) Yes

Travel required?
(○) No

Pay period
(○) Weekly

Dates of employment (specify if temp or seasonal)
till winter or less

Person or department to contact
Harvey Schwartz

Business address
2501 38th St.


How to apply
Call or email me.