Food Service Worker- Closes 10/31/17

Position Food Service Worker
Employer Sodexo-Dining Services
Job Description This is a part time position for a “utility” worker. It’s for only 3 hours per day between 10:00 am-1:00 pm Monday thru Thursday. This person is responsible for relieving other staff members while they take their 30 minute break. This means they will be trained in all stations of Dining Services. These include being the cashier/barista, assisting in food preparation, dishwashing, and helping with anything requested by the supervisor/manager.
Qualifications Any food service or barista experience is helpful but not required.
Most important qualifications are:
1) Being a hard worker- This position is during the busiest times of our day. You should expect a fast paced environment.
2) Attention to Detail
3) A Strong Communicator and Fluent in English
4) Can work well under pressure. Once again this is our busiest time of day.


$11.00/ hour
Days/Hours Monday-Thursday 10:00 am-1:00 pm, Thru the end of Spring Quarter
Contact Info Mike Ryan



PHONE: 360.599.0641

How to Apply    Send me an email with your resume and contact information and I will call you to schedule an interview. Also include a cover letter and references.


Position Closes October 31, 2017